1. Oficina de criação

April 18th – 19th, 10 am – 2 pm
With: Marcelo Evelin

The workshop investigates the performing body as a communicator between space and image. The focus of research will be the means of developing the body’s latent potential and making this visible. How does it act in the world in which it exists? How are connections made between thinking and acting? How does it create an understandable social and political reality?


2. O corpo presente / The Present Body

April 25th – 26th, 10 am – 2 pm
With: Denise Stutz

Our body moves in the service of our senses’ imagination and receives impulses from images, associations and memories. We experiment with the possibilities of movement in order to expand our body-consciousness and to understand the meaning of movement in time and space. Material created in playful improvisation will be joined into a composition. We aim to understand what moves an individual and what meaning this has when creating a scene.

Location: professional workshops in cooperation with the Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Möckernstraße 68,
10965 Berlin
Further information: www.tanzfabrik-berlin.de