HAU 3, April 25th, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

The Contemporary Dance Repertoire and Memory as a Tool for the Reconstruction of Choreographic Works

Moderator: Ingo Diehl

Repertoire and contemporary dance: can they be reconciled? Isn’t this a contradiction in terms? Doesn’t contemporary dance include the type of memory within dancing bodies? And in the past? Hasn’t it always been this way? These issues will be raised on the basis of the experiences made by Companhia de Dança da Cidade, a company devoted to reconstructing modern and contemporary works. The scholars Roberto Pereira and Marise Reis present two different perspectives on similar experiences.

t3Repertoire, Revival and its Specifics.

Roberto Pereira (Rio de Janeiro) is a dance critic for the Jornal do Brasil and is the coordinator of the Dance Department of the UniverCidade (Rio de Janeiro). He received his doctorate in the field of Communication and Semiotics (PUC/São Paulo) and studied philosophy in Vienna. He is the author of various works on dance, "A formação do balé brasileiro" (“The Creation of Brazilian Ballet”), FGV, 2003, among others.

t1A View into the Companhia de Dança da Cidade’s Work.

Marise Reis (Rio de Janeiro) is a specialist for dance didactics and has a degree in sport education. She danced for 15 years with the choreographer João Saldanha. She has been directing the Companhia de Dança da Cidade (UniverCidade, Rio de Janeiro) since its founding in 2003 and is a lecturer for contemporary dance in the Dance Department of the UniverCidade and the Faculdade Angel Vianna.