HAU 3: 18th / 19th April, 9.00 pm

Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu

»Corpo Manual«, »2 Heterogêneo«, »Sobre Ossos e Robôs«

European Premier / Talk with the audience: 19th April, after the performance

The Centro de Criação do Dirceu is a meeting point for artists, citizens and audience members, where they can develop new perspectives on the city of Teresina, the world and contemporary art.

The center, housed in the Teatro Municipal João Paulo II of Teresina in the state of Piauí, has been open and active since 2006 and is supported by the city of Teresina and the Fundação Monsenhor Chaves. The choreographer Marcelo Evelin is the center’s artistic director. His focus is on subjects dealing with the body and the periphery. The special challenge of this project lies in the goal of sustainability and in a borderline situation: the center dares to engage in activities – as a public institution – that go beyond the region’s post-colonial context as an emerging nation with its unavoidable issues of drought and poverty.

A part of the center is the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu, a multi-faceted ensemble of 18 artists who are dedicated to an independent process of creating new developments, experiments and works. Thus, the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu constantly provides new impulses for the center’s activities. The integration of different languages and disciplines as well as artists and institutions from the region, country and world stands in the foreground.

»Corpo Manual« (Body Manual)

Body Manual carefully researches the body’s information and goes in search of the mechanism that allows for legibility and is the basis of its construction. It is a return to this body manual’s infancy and a sense of space; it is a pendulum between innocence and sensuality. A bench, objects and day-to-day life are ordered as enriching symbols in a new dimension.
This body has no instructions for use. But it can, while advancing its own self-construction, discover something like its own manual and thus achieve a greater self-control.

Concept and Choreography: Jamila Rocha / Light Concept: Jacob Alves and Ivascons / Light: Hein Drost / Set and Costume Design: Jamila Rocha / Production: Regina Veloso and Klayton Amorim

»2 Heterogêneo« (2 Heterogenous)

Similar life structures, different personalities.

Two personalities are open to one another and the forms of movement born from their respective backgrounds: art, culture and sports.

Their personal backgrounds make reference to the general context, especially to peripheral communities that have found a constructive way of dealing with a reality defined by violence, hypocrisy and neglect. They use art as a simple, honest, honorable and great form of life.

The focus of research is a movement that stems from the wish to arrive, from existence. It can be primitive or elegant, minute. A tension arises from it that connects the controller and the controlled. The work gains its visual character from the fantastic world of video games and trick films as well as from the performers’ experience.

In this work the music is not a simple accompaniment but rather interacts directly with the story of the bodies present on stage.

Concept, Choreography: Alexandre Santos and César Costa / Light Concept: Cipó Alvarenga, Brunno Elsenn and Jacob Alves / Light: Hein Drost / Set and Costume Design: Alexandre Santos and César Costa / Production: Regina Veloso and Klayton Amorim

»Sobre Ossos e Robôs« (Of bones and robots)

A dance of contortion and puppets:
A puppet is a human made up of bones, flesh and blood.
I am made up of puppet fragments.
The art of contortion includes the wish to transform.
The robot is in the puppet that is inside of me.
I am a passing cloud, the puppet isn’t.

The basis of this work is the anatomic study of human joints as well as the movement that they allow. The “art of contortion” serves as material to dance with and is an expression of the wish to take on two of the fundamental characteristics of a puppet’s body: its mechanics and its artificiality.

Concept, Interpretation: Elielson Pacheco / Body Work: Cipó Alvarenga / Musical Direction: Sérgio Matos / Drawings: Adler Murad / Light Concept: Jacob Alves / Light: Hein Drost / Production: Regina Veloso and Klayton Amorim

Corpo Manual

Jamila Rocha, born 1990, is a dancer who has so far worked mainly with improvisation, ballet and contemporary dance. Since the foundation of the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu, she has been working as a performer/author for the group and has danced in various pieces there, as well as contributing in other ways. Her first self-created solo Corpo Manual/Body Manual caused great interest in Brazil and has already been performed in the states Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Roraima.

Sobre Ossos e Robôs

Elielson Pacheco, born 1984, is an actor and dancer. In addition to this, he studies literary science. In the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu, he teaches dance and is active as a performer/author. Sobre Ossos e Robôs/Of Bones and Robots, his first solo piece, was created in 2006 and presented in 2007, during a common work phase with the group Couve-Flor in Curitiba, as well as in 2008 during the meeting Coletivo Corpo Autônomo in São Paulo. A selection of his most recent work is: Mediatriz (NCD/ Klauss-Vianna-Preis for dance 2007) and Sensorama/Beautifulrama (NCD/2008).

2 Heterogêneo

César Costa, born 1990, is a BBboy and Capoeira-professional. Since 2006, he has been part of the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu as a performer/author and has been teaching breakdance in the Centro de Criação do Dirceu (CCD) since 2008. Furthermore, he is a member of the core ensemble of the CCD, Interação Ralé/Cia Bomber Crew. In 2007, he first showed his solo Procura-se (Wanted) as part of the program Sentido > Centro of the festival Panorama da Dança in Rio de Janeiro, among other presentations. 2008 he participated in the ENARTICI-Festival in Ipatinga (Minas Gerais) and the art presentation of SESC Guajajaras in São Luis (Maranhão) with his piece 2 Heterogêneo.

Alexandre Santos, born 1989, ist a BBboy and Capoeira-professional with a specialisation in self-defense. Since 2006, he has been a member of the Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu. Together with César Costa, he belongs to the ensemble Interação Ralé/Cia Bomber Crew and teaches breakdance in the Centro de Criação do Dirceu (CCD). They developed the piece 2 Heterogêneo together in 2008, as part of the 5th Mostra do Dirceu. In the same year, this piece was invited to the art presentation of SESC Guajajaras in São Luis (Maranhão) and to the ENARTICI-Festival in Ipatinga (Minas Gerais).