HAU 1: 16th – 17th April, 7.30 pm

Marcelo Evelin / Demolition Inc.

»Bull Dancing / urro de omi boi«

German Premier / Talk with the audience: 17th April, after the performance

Bull Dancing is a dance, theater and music piece that is based on a traditional parade with roots in Northeastern Brazil, the Bumba Meu Boi. In telling the story of the death and resurrection of a bull, it originally has satirical, funny and tragic elements and is accompanied by dance, song and percussion. The story is about Catrina and Chico: she is pregnant and longs for the tongue of a bull. Catrina convinces her husband to kill the master’s bull, a bewitched animal that can dance. Even today the Mumba Meu Boi is performed all throughout Brazil as a collective ritual with great socio-political importance.

By deconstructing the folkloristic elements, Bull Dancing returns to the origins of the ritual. In its images it is an act of “groping” through the body’s internal organs; this is represented in the actual piece as an allegory. The body is where tradition survives: it carries the thoughts and actions that have created valid forms and meaning up until now. In the piece the body serves as a metaphor for this sacred and profane bull that lives in us all: straight from the gut, vulnerable, transmutable, temporary, unique and universal!

Bull Dancing is a piece made of flesh and blood about the daily rituals of death and resurrection. It demystifies cultural and geographic boundaries in a world of global action; it reveals our individual and social conflicts. The six performers contribute their own history of violence, fragility, wild desires and horrible doubts, their trivial joys and hopes between the animalistic and rational.

Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Marcelo Evelin / Dance: Fabian Santarciel, Fábio Crazy da Silva, Marcelo Evelin, Josh S., Monika Haasova, Sérgio Matos / Dramaturgy: Loes van der Pligt / Artistic Consultation: Alex Guerra / Artistic Direction: Urias de Oliveira, Marcelo Evelin / Light: Hein Drost / Sound: Jaap Lindijer / Technik: Leonardo Sousa / Music: Josh J, Sérgio Matos, Fábio Crazy da Silva, Slowakische Folklore, J. S. Bach and Boi de São Simão / Drawings: Gabriel Archanjo / Masks: Mestre Abel, Boi de Madre Deus / Grafic Design: Áureo Tupinambá Junior / Production: Regina Veloso, Klayton Amorim / Realisation: Demolition Inc. with the support of the Ministério da Cultura, Petrobrás and Prefeitura de Teresina / Co-Production: Teatro Municipal João Paulo II / Centro de Criação do Dirceu (Piauí) and Hetveem Theatre (Amsterdam)

Marcelo Evelin

Marcelo Evelin, born in 1962 in Teresina, in the state Piauí, is a dancer, choreographer, director, scientist and teacher of improvisation and composition. He left Brasil in 1968 and studied dance and choreography in Paris under Philippe Decoufle, Josef Nadj and Karine Saporta. Two years later, he continued his education at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam. He remained in the Netherlands and joined Arthur Rosenfeld’s dance theatre ensemble Meekers. After an assistance with Pina Bausch, he began his work as a choreographer and founded the company Demolition Inc. in the Netherlands, with the help of state funding. Up to now, he has written, directed and choreographed 25 pieces.

He is currently active as a stage author and professor for improvisation and composition in the departments for mime and modern dance at the art academy of Amsterdam.

His most recent works are: Loaded (for the Hetveem Theater Amsterdam), The wakening (dance video, in collaboration with Sergio Gridelli), Luoghi de Solitudene (a piece of Alex Guerra, Rome) and Self-Service (for the dance platform Ateliê de Coreógrafos in Salvador-Bahia), 2005. Bull Dancing, a Dutch-Brazilian collaboration, 2006. Since 2006, he has been the artistic director of the Teatro João Paulo II in Teresina-Piauí. There, he founded the two projects Centro and Núcleo de Criação do Dirceu, which are intended to provide a platform for research and development of contemporary scenic art.