HAU 2: April 18, 7 pm and HAU 1: April 19, 6.45 pm

Ricardo Marinelli: »Eu tenho autorização da polícia para ficar pelado aqui« (I Have a Permit That Allows Me To Be Naked Here)

Aufführungen vor dem Theater oder im Foyer | Europäische Erstaufführung

When you stand there without a scrap of cloth on you, are you necessarily naked? Does being undressed mean revealing something intimate or one’s own identity? How can I be naked without being undressed? – As a result, a provocation arises between audience and artist. If the audience refuses – and it can express its will by the throwing or not throwing coins into the plates in front of the artists - »nothing happens«.

concept, idea, execution: Ricardo Marinelli


HAU 3: April, 18, 8.30 pm, April 19, 8 pm

Michelle Moura / Ricardo Marinelli: »mais uma peça selecta« (Another Select Piece)

Europäische Erstaufführung

»Couve-flor« European Premier/ talk with the audience: April 19, after the performance

A discussion of the sentimentality and formal beauty that characterize traditional dance and simultaneously form the imagination and expectations of a dance audience. A look at behavioral clichés (idealized and romanticized through kitsch and pop) and the banalization of the erotic.

Introduction in the collective of the worldartistsminicommunity “Couve-Flor”: www.couve-flor.com

concept: Michelle Moura
idea and execution: Michelle Moura, Ricardo Marinelli
soundtrack: Adriano Esturilho
sound: Gustavo Bitencourt
light design: Fabia Guimarães
advice: Gladis Tridapalli, Lauro Borges

Press / Foto

Ricardo Marinelli (born 1981) is a teacher and scholar of dance and contemporary art, founder and contributor to the global artist’s collective mini-community “Couve-flor” (cauliflower) made up of freelance artists in Curitiba. He is a lecturer for dance and rhythm in the UFPR’s department for sports education (Universidade Federal do Paraná-Bundesuniversität Paraná). Numerous publications. He has attended various dance events in Brazil such as Panorama Rio Arte de Dança, Araraquara Dance Festival and the program Artes na cidade (Arts in the City).

“I Have a Police Permit to Stand Here Naked” is a dance event that wishes to incite discussion and reflect the much discussed, but never to be forgotten necessity of art. Politics, performance and exchange are important concepts in this piece, which examines the multiple possibilities of exposing oneself to other people. Changing clothes in public, showing very personal photos, answering every question… What will make me even more naked…?

“I Have...” was premiered in June 2004 as part of an artist community project program called Mostra Tudo (Show All). That same year it was shown at the 13th Panorama Rio Arte de Dança in Rio de Janeiro and was chosen to take part in the FUNARTE funded tour 2004/2005 of select pieces across Brazil.

Michelle Moura is a dancer, choreographer and scholar. Her pieces are situated on the borderline of contemporary dance and performance art. In the Casa Hoffmann in Curitiba, Michelle Moura founded and collectively organized the Ciclo de Ações Performáticas (Cycle of Performative Action) with the aim of developing a space to further dialogue between the city’s various artistic approaches. Her piece “Linhas (de pensamento) ou a tarefa de dizer coisas importantes para pessoas românticas“ (2005) (Trains (of Thought) or the Task of Saying Important Things to Romantic People) was part of the project Mostra Tudo (Show All), which was awarded a prize by FUNARTE. She is part of the global artist’s collective mini-community “Couve-flor” (cauliflower) and has danced in the company Dani Lima (Rio de Janeiro), who were invited to move berlim in 2005. She is performer and co-author of the project Vida Real (Real Life) (2006).

“Another Select Piece” looks at the meaning of contemporary dance. It examines everyday relationships on the basis of constructed, idealized and romanticized images as they appear in telenovelas, on film and in advertising campaigns … in short, in the banalization of kitsch and pop. Kitsch and pop are reassessed as a condition of existence, a kind of “Life-Market-Art” that is unavoidable (and possibly a question of survival). It is a game with things that we condone and regard as dumb, kitsch and cheap: playing with bad taste.

Clothes, fruit, bread bags, music by Roberto Carlos, dance steps by girls from the TV-show Faustão, naked bodies. Naked Bodies? Pop and kitsch act as doorways to clichés of social behavior, to superficial emotional relationships, artificial smiles and fake attitudes.

“Another Select Piece” premiered in 2004 as part of the project Verão em cena (Summer on Stage) by the Fundação Cultural de Curitiba (Cultural Foundation of Curitiba). The piece was also shown that same year at the 13th Panorama Rio Arte de Dança in Rio de Janeiro.