Gica Alioto

Prof. Holly Cavrell (Universidade de Campinas)

What can we say about Gica? Was she extraordinary? Did she challenge destiny the way she did her own body, defying its limits and taking movement to the edge, that danger zone where only a thin line separates genius from recklessness? I might say that life is unfair or I could say that Gica knew the urgency of living and dancing her life to the fullest. In remembering her I picture her ironic but warm smile stamped on her face, her incredible ability to see movement once and reproduce it and her inexhaustible drive to be more and do more. I came to see Gica as a warrior not a soldier, breaking those boundaries that held other dancers docile and overly obedient. Even in the throes of the disease she never appeared sick, but would talk endlessly about new projects. Gica made me think that maybe it is never about how long we inhabit this earth but how we use the time we are here. For those who worked with her or saw her dance, Gica was remarkable -- sensual, defiant and a risk taker who never once lost faith in her own ability. That is why all of us who loved, admired and now miss her know for certain that she is somewhere arguing about the color of her wings and flying space in heaven.

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