move berlim 2011

Fifth Festival for Brazilian Contemporary Dance in Berlin

teamWe would like to celebrate with you and with the choreographers and dancers from the varied regions in Brazil, the fifth edition of the biennial dance festival brasil move berlim, which first took place in 2003.

Several years ago, Marcelo Evelin initiated a new dance and theater movement in Teresina (Piauí). Now he has created “Matadouro” with these same performers; it’s a piece about the nature and power of the collective and this year’s opening performance. In addition, we will also be showing his solo from 1995, “Ai, Ai, Ai”.

In Maceió (Alagoas) and in Natal (Rio Grande do Norte) in Northeast Brazil, we were met with a very young and lively dance scene. The Cultura Popular is an essential part of local cultural life; it’s characterized by self-confidence and the necessity of practicing dance as an elementary part of life. Gira Dança (Natal) is a group of dancers – some with or without handicaps. Their artistic and political goals include strengthening the confidence of the individual in the group, the development of individual body language and the awareness for the limitations of the body as a basis for their work. Gira Dança is also a Ponto de Cultura, one of the centers for cultural development and communication recognized and supported by Lula’s government. Charlene Sadd’s (Maceió) solo deals with the image of women in Brazilian society. In “Outdoor Corpo Machine”, the Carioca André Masseno has created a solo that exposes the seemingly healthy male body as a mask and surface of projection.

We are very happy to be supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Capital Cultural Fund Berlin), the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the Fundação Nacional de Artes – Funarte: move berlim is considered a model project for providing a different perspective on Brazil and its cultural diversity. We are happy to announce that Sérgio Mamberti, Secretary of State in the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, will once again act as patron of our festival. The Hebbel am Ufer has time and time again proven to be the ideal venue and co-production partner and we also would like to thank Kulturprojekte Berlin for providing us with the administrative conditions that make this festival possible.

Wagner Carvalho, Björn Dirk Schlüter


move berlim has arrived at its 5th edition.

The year 2011 marks the 10-year implementation of this contemporary dance project that has decisively contributed to the consolidation of cultural relations between Brazil and Germany.

Over the last few years, move berlim has become an event that has increasingly promoted Brazil’s diverse cultural wealth in the field of dance and strengthened even more the longstanding ties between our two countries. Providing inspiration for the development of an endeavor that gains over time was always one of the goals of this successful project.

As has been the case since 2003, we have once again agreed to cover the travel costs of the participating artists.

I am also very happy to serve once again as the patron for an event as prominent as move berlim. In the name of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, I would like to express my thanks to the German government for their interest and remarkable commitment to spread and discuss Brazilian culture.

I also have the honorable task of expressing heartfelt thanks to the organizers: Wagner Carvalho, Dirk Schlüter and the efficient team that has accompanied move berlim from the beginning. They all have made a distinct contribution to the success of this festival.

May move berlim have many more years to come!

Long live art and culture!

Sérgio Mamberti
State Secretary for Culture in the Brazilian Ministry of Culture