Berlin's first festival of contemporary Brazilian Dance

  Strengthened by the ending of the military dictatorship, Brazil's dance culture of the 70s set out to search for a cultural identity and developed different styles of its own. By dealing with traditional and existing dance forms, the Brazilian dance scene has brought forth many, regionally dependent dance forms. It has developed a spectrum of themes that reaches from traditional forms of popular culture to the living spaces of the high-tech mega-cities of Brazil's South.

For the first time in Berlin, Brazil's dance scene will be presented in its complexity and diversity, as it has developed since the re-democratisation in the mid-80s. In Brazil, the cultures of three continents - the indigenous, the European and the African - have melted to become something new that can be grasped nowhere better than in dance. While avoiding a euro-centrist appropriation of an "exotic" Brazil, the festival widens the view on the various aesthetic, ethnic and regional approaches. By shifting focus away from Brazil's normally spotlighted art centres towards the cultural production at the peripheries we moreover want to strengthen the awareness of the responsible cultural politicians for these unique developments. In performances, workshops, lectures and discussions, the festival offers the opportunity to get to know one of the world's most vibrant contemporary dance scenes and to obtain a new picture of Brazil.

From idea to realisation, two and a half years have gone by. The rhythm of Brazilian dance has infected the German partners: the main supporter Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Hebbel Theater, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH and all other supporters and collaborators. And we are glad that Brazil, a country that knows how to dance, has immediately responded: Cultural Minister Gilberto Gil has taken patronage of this festival and Sérgio Mamberti, one of Brazil's most famous actors and Secretary of State for the Performing Arts and Music, will open the festival, marking Move Berlim as a relevant step in the development of Brazil's and Germany's cultural exchange. Together we hope that many more steps will follow in this language that needs no translation.

You are all kindly invited. Move Berlim!

Wagner Carvalho, Artistic Director
Björn Dirk Schlüter, Co Director

Different than in the Mediterranean countries who are connected to Brazil through Europe as if by an umbilical cord, Germany befriended us by weaving a thread throughout the course of the centuries of our colonization. From Princess Leopoldina to the Goethe-Institute, from the painter Rugendas to the upright immigrants of the southern countries, centuries have passed in the construction of a German presence among us.

Today Brazil is strengthening its presence in the land of Beethoven in the opposite direction; it is throwing the ball back in this ever stimulating interplay between both peoples and cultures.

The festival Move Berlim in this great German city will certainly be a hallmark of cultural exchange between our people. It is a new opportunity to practice taking further joint steps in this dance of our shared lives together.

Congratulations on this event, and enjoy!

Gilberto Gil, Minister of Culture in Brazil
Patron of the Festival